Comfy, Casual, Fall

I am absolutely loving the crisp, cooler temperatures that have settled over the Midwest. The perfect excuse to wrap up in those big, chunky sweater dresses. H&M was having a buy one get one sale so I just couldn’t resist ; ) My roommate’s dog, Murphy, was looking ever so dapper in his Fall bandana so he just had to help out!

The half up hair bow

Sweater Dress: H&M

Tights: H&M

Oxfords: Francesca’s Collections

❤ Ash

37 Dresses

Any girl who loves a good chick flick saw the 2008 hit 27 Dresses. I was no exception as I love a good romantic comedy and I am quite the wedding junky. Despite the fact I have yet to be in a wedding (ahemm friends… get on getting married) I do share one thing in common with the main character Jane Nichols, played by Katherine Heigl; a HUGE section of my closet is dedicated to my respectable collection of 37 dresses.

Yes, 37 is the magical number, and currently I have instituted a strict freeze on purchasing them. But why has my collection grown to be so large? The way I see it, as women dresses are our one weapon of mass destruction. Think about it, what is the one best way to look hot, make you feel beautiful, evoke that quick up down from your date, or look powerful in an office setting? The answer is in the dress.

Contrary to popular belief dresses do not take time, nor are they uncomfortable. Throwing on a dress in the morning is just as easy as that pair of sweat pants you are eyeing and will inevitably make you feel better throughout the day. So go ahead, buy a few timeless dresses. They will make a difference in your wardrobe and sure enough you will start an impressive collection yourself in no time.


Black stretch bodycon dress: Target
Blue dress with cut-out back: H&M

Fashion is what you buy…

Some of you may have heard the quote: “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.” I love this quote because anyone can buy that chic, off the rack dress, but it’s how you style it that makes all the difference. Style isn’t just your favorite sartorial choices; no, it speaks to who you are and tells a story about your life. Cheesy right? Well it’s true!

I am a firm believer that personal style is variable and can change monthly, weekly, daily, depending on your mood. Style belongs on one long spectrum that stretches beyond what we can see at the moment. There is no right way to style and as new fashions trickle down off the runways, style will evolve and so will we.

Ashley and I started this blog as an outlet of inspiration not only for ourselves, but hopefully for others who are needing a “style shower” of inspiration. Even if your style doesn’t jibe with ours, there is something to say for creeping on other people’s fashion choices and borrowing a bit of style insight.


Photo credit: Alex Giffin Creative