Happy Thanksgiving! Whatcha Wearing…err Thursday?

Happy Thanksgiving, Bloggers! I was in charge of Whatcha Wearing Wednesday, but after pre-Michigan festivities Tuesday night I was a little under the weather yesterday. I hope everyone is enjoying their day off; spending time with friends and family. My … Continue reading

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

Another week, another post with my outfit du jour. Today, I salute the hipster; the epitome of indifference (much like cats hehe, Big Bang Theory viewers will get this). Mastering the indifferent hipster look requires haphazard hair, a carefully placed beanie, geek chic glasses, an oversized military-style jacket and layers upon layers of whatever is hanging in your closet. Striped tee? Yep. Plaid shirt? You betcha. Combine them? Absolutely. It’s a science, really. There is a considerable amount of effort needed to look this messy and unkempt.

My salute to sartorial indifference is as follows:

Jeans: Forever 21 

Military jacket: VS Pink
Grey sweatshirt: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Black beanie: Vintage shop in Athens, OH
Glasses: Warby Parker

Happy Wednesday and go forth in your hipster-ness,


Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

Ash and I are both experiencing a lazy Wednesday style-wise. Having been up until 2:30 watching election coverage, I woke up late and had 15 minutes to spare to get ready for class. I have a designated outfit for days like this and it consists of: leggings (they are pants, people!), a denim chambray shirt layered over a crisp, white tank, a chunky knit infinity scarf, riding boots and a baseball cap for good measure (and to cover the impressive bed head). I call it lazy chic and the key to looking like a half-put together bum is layers. So if you find yourself waking up late, ditch the sweatpants and yoga pants and adopt a go-to outfit that will become your “lazy day uniform.”

Here are our shameful selfies:

Don’t fall victim to sweatpants. Have a cute and easy outfit on reserve.

Why yes part of this photo was proudly taken at the Ohio State Science and Engineering Library as I prepare for my 8th and final midterm of the semester. My lazy Wednesday outfit includes the always chic top knot, ripped jeans, my favorite band concert tee and black riding boots. “Lazy day uniform” complete.

Who says you can’t look cute while studying for Biochem?

Happy Hump Day!

With love and style,

–Ky & Ash

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween all you witches and wizards, superheros and princesses.

This Halloween has brought us another wet night for the little ghouls and goblins out collecting their candy. Hopefully Kyla’s crafty post on easy Halloween costumes gave you some last minute inspiration on what to wear to your Halloween bash. So here we are again on “Watcha Wearing Wednesday.” This Halloween I opted for something less outlandish and more suggestive of the typical all hallows eve colors. Crazy volume and wave’s reminiscent of a witches hair, dark cateye makeup for all those black cats, and some green and black stripes.

Striped sweater dress: H&M

Tall black boots: Target

Black trench coat: Target

❤ Ash

…Now off to eat some candy…muahahaha

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

We have come full circle to yet another “hump day” outfit of the day, or “ootd” as it is so fondly referred to in the social space. A busy weekend of football, tailgating and marathons (both running and of the shopping kind) kept us from posting anything until now. So happy Wednesday everyone!

We are experiencing quite the Indian Summer in Southern Ohio, so with temperatures in the seventies I wasn’t ready to sacrifice that layered Fall look to our unpredictable Midwestern weather, proof Mother Nature has a sense of humor. To keep the layered look I broke out the sleeveless denim vest, a true nineties treasure, and paired it with a cool, white tee.

Denim vest: Old Navy
Black trousers: H&M
Flats: H&M
Bag: Francesca’s Collections

A trend of late, that in my opinion is here to stay, is to stack an array of bracelets on one arm. Referred to as “arm candy” as well as the “arm party”, a coined phrase courtesy of blogger, The Man Repeller, these stacks of bracelets should be bountiful and unapologetic in how mismatched they are. At the risk of inserting too much alliteration into one post, I shall call this trend from now on, drumroll please…bevy of bracelets! (It was all I could think of, so there ya go.)

This bevy of bracelets includes a fossil watch, clearance shelf finds, and friendship bracelets purchased while on vacation.

To which I walk away thinking, “Alright, where are my yoga pants?”

As always, happy styling!