Coveting Couture

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There is nothing like the Paris Couture shows to remind a girl that in the course of our lives, fashion moments like wearing one of those outlandish yet equally beautiful creations is going to be a rare, if not completely … Continue reading

American Prep

There is something to be said for a classic American button down, pinstriped and crisp, paired with a simple sweater. The combination has unwavering style. Wearing it makes me feel like my life is being directed by Ralph Lauren or J Crew. However, the problem with rocking this classic style is it’s often expensive. I recently went thrifting and found a men’s button down for a quarter and an oversized woman’s sweater for $2.50–score! The tops are so oversized that cinching at the waist with a belt is a must. Pair with leggings and flats for a casual look or dress it up with skinny jeans and heels.



Sweater and button down: thrifted!
Belt: H&M
Leggings: Target
Flats: Steve Madden



These splurge worthy flats add shine and spunk to any outfit

My roommate Taylor, and my token thrifting buddy, also found some great finds that adhere to this American Prep style. She found a couple of “grandpa-esque” sweaters to layer over plaid and chambray button-downs. Pair with oxfords and a great bag–like her green Kate Spade tote. Thrifting for classic tops is a great way to save money for the splurge worthy bags and shoes that we convince ourselves we all need. You never know what you may find. Don’t be afraid of men’s clothing–it could end up being your favorite closet staples.

I might steal her bag...

I might steal her bag…

Happy thrifting!

Thank you Athens thrift stores

Happy thrifting, everyone!



College Fashionista Feature

I had one of those days a couple of weeks ago where I actually allotted myself more than 15 minutes to get ready. Shocking, I know! Especially for someone who spent her high school years shamelessly laying out her clothes the night before so I could sleep in as much as possible. This particular day a couple of weeks ago was the perfect day to play dress up. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and I was feeling classy, like I could give Kate Middleton a run for her money, so I slipped into a trusty pair of heels (on the brink of destruction but I don’t dare part with them) and went for a casual, business-chic look. I wasn’t heading to an interview. I had only one class that day. I had absolutely no reason for dressing up but it gave me a confidence boost, as most great outfits do, and it ended up paying off because a friend of mine and College Fashionista contributor flagged me down to photograph my outfit of choice for a weekly feature article. It was instant justification for such an ambitious outfit on such an insignificant day.

Black pants, knit sweater and heels: All from H&M
White t-shirt: Old Navy
Bag: Francesca’s Collections
Necklace: Handmade! An original by yours truly. See this DIY post
Photo source: College Fashionista via Nicole Ranieri

I won’t lie, I was pretty proud of this outfit. I had nothing going on that day; no commitments, no meetings, but the outfit fooled people into thinking that I had a busy, important day in front of me. A number of friends asked me what interview I had. It’s fun to mess with people isn’t it? We all know the old adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” Well I’m putting this into effect early in light of my current ascent into the workforce and true adulthood.

To achieve this look shop for the basics. The tailored black pants are not only slimming, but can be business-y or dressed down for a funkier, casual look. The white v-neck is a staple item. You can never have too many white t-shirts in my opinion. Crew necks, v-necks, slouchy, fitted…buy them all and buy them cheap. Do the “half-tuck” into your trousers or jeans to add a bit of character to the outfit. Finally, a basic black satchel is a must. I like to see mine as pretty versatile. It has the long strap so you can sling it over your shoulder to look bookish and important and it also has the hand strap so you can place the bag on your forearm and carry it like a Kardashian sister (you know what I’m talking about).

Do you have those days when you dress up just because? What items in your closet give you a confidence boost?


Happy Thanksgiving! Whatcha Wearing…err Thursday?

Happy Thanksgiving, Bloggers! I was in charge of Whatcha Wearing Wednesday, but after pre-Michigan festivities Tuesday night I was a little under the weather yesterday. I hope everyone is enjoying their day off; spending time with friends and family. My … Continue reading

Columbus a Fashion Capital?

I used to question the merits of living in Columbus after graduation. After all, what does it have to offer? I mean, it’s no New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. Sure, we love our Buckeyes, have an up-and-coming downtown and some sweet shopping centers but it’s not a city that pops into your mind when you think about living the typical metropolitan lifestyle. So when my mom showed me this Columbus Dispatch article  about Columbus having the third-highest concentration of fashion designers in the country, I was like, “Say what?!” Now this piques my interest.

New York City still dominates the fashion stratosphere, with Los Angeles in a close second. After visiting New York City for a short weekend, I have been limiting my job search to only that city. Three days was all it took for me to be completely smitten with the Big Apple. My head was in the clouds and sometimes still is, admittedly. I think, oh I can live there! (Even though it’s ridiculously expensive.) I can ride public transportation and learn the subway system! (Even though I hate crowds and am terrible with directions.) It will be just like Sex and the City! Ha, a girl can dream, right? But I digress.

Looking over Central Park

The more I think of Columbus’ impressive ranking, the more it brings to light all of the creative aspects of my city. From the Short North–the pseudo-hipster, art gallery district with local boutiques–to Columbus College Art & Design (CCAD) that cranks out all these talented local designers, to Columbus Fashion Week, a novice in the fashion week tradition but attendance continues to grow in its three-year reign, there are more fashion opportunities than I had originally thought.

Fashion meets Columbus. Ash and I in our Miles of Style post.

So maybe Columbus isn’t so bad after all. It’s style merits are climbing and who’s to say it won’t become the next New York City? As it turns out, I could have been living in a fashion capital all along.

Is your city an up-and-coming fashion capital? We want to hear what your city’s style is like in the comments below.




Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

Another week, another post with my outfit du jour. Today, I salute the hipster; the epitome of indifference (much like cats hehe, Big Bang Theory viewers will get this). Mastering the indifferent hipster look requires haphazard hair, a carefully placed beanie, geek chic glasses, an oversized military-style jacket and layers upon layers of whatever is hanging in your closet. Striped tee? Yep. Plaid shirt? You betcha. Combine them? Absolutely. It’s a science, really. There is a considerable amount of effort needed to look this messy and unkempt.

My salute to sartorial indifference is as follows:

Jeans: Forever 21 

Military jacket: VS Pink
Grey sweatshirt: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Black beanie: Vintage shop in Athens, OH
Glasses: Warby Parker

Happy Wednesday and go forth in your hipster-ness,


Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

Ash and I are both experiencing a lazy Wednesday style-wise. Having been up until 2:30 watching election coverage, I woke up late and had 15 minutes to spare to get ready for class. I have a designated outfit for days like this and it consists of: leggings (they are pants, people!), a denim chambray shirt layered over a crisp, white tank, a chunky knit infinity scarf, riding boots and a baseball cap for good measure (and to cover the impressive bed head). I call it lazy chic and the key to looking like a half-put together bum is layers. So if you find yourself waking up late, ditch the sweatpants and yoga pants and adopt a go-to outfit that will become your “lazy day uniform.”

Here are our shameful selfies:

Don’t fall victim to sweatpants. Have a cute and easy outfit on reserve.

Why yes part of this photo was proudly taken at the Ohio State Science and Engineering Library as I prepare for my 8th and final midterm of the semester. My lazy Wednesday outfit includes the always chic top knot, ripped jeans, my favorite band concert tee and black riding boots. “Lazy day uniform” complete.

Who says you can’t look cute while studying for Biochem?

Happy Hump Day!

With love and style,

–Ky & Ash

My Weekend Overall

On Saturday, my roommate and I spent some time exploring the best Athens has to offer; the local farmer’s market and the quaint craft and bead store, both crowded with possibilities and the most spirited people you will ever meet. It is no secret that Athens is the quintessential “hippie” town, home to a diverse population of college students and locals. Every college campus seems to have their own stereotypical style with everyone rocking the same trends but I would argue that Ohio University is an exception. So I felt it only natural to do my part to stand out by gracing the local farmer’s market in a pair of overalls, ya know, farmer style. Notice my clever title to this post, pun intended of course.

Overalls may scream nineties to you, but hey, these babies are comfortable. I have no shame. Pair with brightly colored flats and a printed head scarf to keep it modern and fun.

A town troubadour serenading the shoppers. This is just too idyllic I can’t stand it.

My brunch: a homemade, spelt raised donut…I just couldn’t resist.

These pair of overalls were once worn, ever so cooly, by my mother. However, I expect only on camping trips and when painting the house. My elation at finding them in an old clothes bin was confusing, if not a bit tragic, to the rest of my family (since I may on more than one occasion have been teased for my sartorial choices) but I stood firm in my excitement and continued to plot in my head ways to style them.

So if you have a pair of overalls just chilling in the back of your mom’s closet, break ’em out! Need more convincing? Designer 3.1 Phillip Lim did a hot pink pair of overalls over a graphic tee for his Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear collection. I saw this as a sign that overalls might creep back into our fashion playbooks.

Would you bring back the overalls trend? Share in the comments.

Happy styling,