Fashion is what you buy…

Some of you may have heard the quote: “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.” I love this quote because anyone can buy that chic, off the rack dress, but it’s how you style it that makes all the difference. Style isn’t just your favorite sartorial choices; no, it speaks to who you are and tells a story about your life. Cheesy right? Well it’s true!

I am a firm believer that personal style is variable and can change monthly, weekly, daily, depending on your mood. Style belongs on one long spectrum that stretches beyond what we can see at the moment. There is no right way to style and as new fashions trickle down off the runways, style will evolve and so will we.

Ashley and I started this blog as an outlet of inspiration not only for ourselves, but hopefully for others who are needing a “style shower” of inspiration. Even if your style doesn’t jibe with ours, there is something to say for creeping on other people’s fashion choices and borrowing a bit of style insight.


Photo credit: Alex Giffin Creative