5 Stranded Braid

Hey Bloggers!

I recently started the painful process of studying for finals, but to keep my brain form having an utter meltdown I’m trying a new system. One hour hardcore hitting the books, then a 15 minute break. During my last break I was mindlessly looking at Pinterest when I came across a link for some hair tutorials. The 1st one was for a 5 stranded braid. I have hair down to the middle of my back so I’m always looking for new ways to wear it that isn’t a top knot. For some people braiding with 3 strands is daunting…let alone 5?! I gave it a try anyway and in practice its really not too hard at all! In the video she does a goofy little chant saying “over, under, over, under…” You may feel goofy doing it but it really did help! Here’s the finished product:


I just curled the pesky layers around my face that wouldn’t go into the braid. And there you have it! Looks fancy but totally manageable. Check out this tutorial to give it a go for yourself.

Happy Friday! Off to class…

❤ Ash

Comfy, Casual, Fall

I am absolutely loving the crisp, cooler temperatures that have settled over the Midwest. The perfect excuse to wrap up in those big, chunky sweater dresses. H&M was having a buy one get one sale so I just couldn’t resist ; ) My roommate’s dog, Murphy, was looking ever so dapper in his Fall bandana so he just had to help out!

The half up hair bow

Sweater Dress: H&M

Tights: H&M

Oxfords: Francesca’s Collections

❤ Ash