My Weekend Overall

On Saturday, my roommate and I spent some time exploring the best Athens has to offer; the local farmer’s market and the quaint craft and bead store, both crowded with possibilities and the most spirited people you will ever meet. It is no secret that Athens is the quintessential “hippie” town, home to a diverse population of college students and locals. Every college campus seems to have their own stereotypical style with everyone rocking the same trends but I would argue that Ohio University is an exception. So I felt it only natural to do my part to stand out by gracing the local farmer’s market in a pair of overalls, ya know, farmer style. Notice my clever title to this post, pun intended of course.

Overalls may scream nineties to you, but hey, these babies are comfortable. I have no shame. Pair with brightly colored flats and a printed head scarf to keep it modern and fun.

A town troubadour serenading the shoppers. This is just too idyllic I can’t stand it.

My brunch: a homemade, spelt raised donut…I just couldn’t resist.

These pair of overalls were once worn, ever so cooly, by my mother. However, I expect only on camping trips and when painting the house. My elation at finding them in an old clothes bin was confusing, if not a bit tragic, to the rest of my family (since I may on more than one occasion have been teased for my sartorial choices) but I stood firm in my excitement and continued to plot in my head ways to style them.

So if you have a pair of overalls just chilling in the back of your mom’s closet, break ’em out! Need more convincing? Designer 3.1 Phillip Lim┬ádid a hot pink pair of overalls over a graphic tee for his Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear collection. I saw this as a sign that overalls might creep back into our fashion playbooks.

Would you bring back the overalls trend? Share in the comments.

Happy styling,