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Columbus a Fashion Capital?

I used to question the merits of living in Columbus after graduation. After all, what does it have to offer? I mean, it’s no New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. Sure, we love our Buckeyes, have an up-and-coming downtown and some sweet shopping centers but it’s not a city that pops into your mind when you think about living the typical metropolitan lifestyle. So when my mom showed me this Columbus Dispatch article  about Columbus having the third-highest concentration of fashion designers in the country, I was like, “Say what?!” Now this piques my interest.

New York City still dominates the fashion stratosphere, with Los Angeles in a close second. After visiting New York City for a short weekend, I have been limiting my job search to only that city. Three days was all it took for me to be completely smitten with the Big Apple. My head was in the clouds and sometimes still is, admittedly. I think, oh I can live there! (Even though it’s ridiculously expensive.) I can ride public transportation and learn the subway system! (Even though I hate crowds and am terrible with directions.) It will be just like Sex and the City! Ha, a girl can dream, right? But I digress.

Looking over Central Park

The more I think of Columbus’ impressive ranking, the more it brings to light all of the creative aspects of my city. From the Short North–the pseudo-hipster, art gallery district with local boutiques–to Columbus College Art & Design (CCAD) that cranks out all these talented local designers, to Columbus Fashion Week, a novice in the fashion week tradition but attendance continues to grow in its three-year reign, there are more fashion opportunities than I had originally thought.

Fashion meets Columbus. Ash and I in our Miles of Style post.

So maybe Columbus isn’t so bad after all. It’s style merits are climbing and who’s to say it won’t become the next New York City? As it turns out, I could have been living in a fashion capital all along.

Is your city an up-and-coming fashion capital? We want to hear what your city’s style is like in the comments below.




Miles of Style

On a beautiful Saturday evening, Kyla and I headed to the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus to snap some pictures of our latest fall outfits. It’s a great spot right along the river, showing off the best of C-bus architecture.

With the pesky, unpredictable Midwestern weather, we can be in the need of cut off shorts one day and pants and a bulky sweater the next. It’s all about balance. Cut off shorts day? A boyfriend blazer adds a bit of class to the carefree bottoms of choice. Bulky sweater day? Opt to wear it with a pair of tight trousers or skinny jeans. And alas, the woman’s most powerful weapon of mass destruction…the dress. For fall, it’s all about lace. What used to be considered Grandma’s doily fabric of choice is now a chic, vintage collector’s item that you can pair with a sharp leather jacket and boots. Dress it up, dress it down; either way it is a great investment.

Dark colors like oxblood and mixing prints will be your friend this fall. Don’t match? Don’t care! Play with different fabrics and textures to make your outfits stand out.

With love and style,

Ash & Ky

Photo credit: Alex Giffin Creative