Meet the Bloggers

Greetings, readers!

Thank you for visiting what is probably the millionth fashion blog on the planet. Fashion has such a ubiquitous influence on our society today. It easily tailors our lives and shapes our individuality especially for these two style-conscious girls who drank the fashion “kool-aid” long ago.
We hope our posts find you in good company, great health, and amazing style. Our love of everything sartorial started at a very young age. Friends since those days of bouncing around on the trampoline in gymnastics class, Ashley and I have been playing dress up and conspiring together ever since. As college students, we are constantly looking to evolve our style and add pieces to our wardrobe without sacrificing some of the grocery budget (with the exception of that always necessary new pair of shoes). As stories come up we would love to hear feedback from you so please comment! Any questions or comments can also be sent via email to

Happy styling,

– Ashley & Kyla


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